Meet the Underground Dome City.

Meet the Underground Dome City.

Remember about the underground dome I posted? Well this beats that one by 500 million Creepers exploding in your face! People, I present to you theUnderground Dome City byNightRed!But it seems to me a lot of people have been dealing with underground structures lately. There's going to be so many -- they'll be saying "Hey, my name's Mark! I'm an underground Minecraft engineer!" and we'll stare at them. With a bold yet subtle look that says "What the..."

At any rate, I discovered this gem in a mixture of thoughts. See, at first, NightRed posted this:

I have been working on this project for some time.
This is a giant 120x120x60 dome underground, above it is a lake.
I made this by mining down starting at the top and slowly working my way down to the bottom so i did not need any scaffolding other then a single ladder pillar to the top so i could get out.
This was a mine job that by my calculation i mined 700,000 blocks.
I do not know the count of diamond and iron etc.


Aat first I was like this: "Hmm, this might just beat the last one I posted...". I scrolled down reading the comments saying "Awesome!, "Amazing!, and " Post map save!!1!!1!". Every time I read more and more of these comments ofappraisal, my thought of posting this became higher -- until I checked the last post. By NightRed. It. was. amazing.
This is how the Underdome has progresses since.

This is the start of the sand for the glass dome over the underdome.

Dear mother of God. My "thinking" went to "totally posting this!" It's like having your Pokemon jump from Level 1 to 50! Now, I know I usually say this but it goes without saying... NightRed, get this DONE! We have seen many underground structures come and go but nothing like this. Also, don't you dare put this on a Survival map or else people will flood it.

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