Civatas spes; an underground city.

Civatas spes; an underground city.

OK so, I'm usually a sucker for underground structures. I love them. Ever since I saw the animated movie "Antz"... I was amazed. I was amazed at their structure and overall atmosphere. The same applies to Minecraft. See, many people build underground things, but more than many bite off more then they can chew. Then they become fixated on building something else. Well, this person is really going full-on-all-the-way at this project. Meet Civatas spes by not_a_creeper.

not_a_creeper explains:

So this is technically a continuation of this thread viewtopic.php?f=35&t=47439
It became more of a WIP instead of suggestion thread, so I becided to make this, where I will post updates.
If you want to see the early stages of this then check out that thread.
So my tree farm is working well, and I got a big tree in the exact spot I wanted which is always a plus.
Also my large industrial building is about 90% done, then after that is finished i can move on to what I really wanted to do, the floating part of the city
This isnt the best picture but the interior is done, I also added a second mine cart track going to a large sand deposit that i found in the caves.

Also if you read the other thread I was talking about starting a boat
Here is the start
And here is the current version

Silly idea anyways...

So ill keep updating and i estimate that is project will be done in about 10 days, just getting resources is a pain in the ass:

I don't know what's wrong with that last picture. I've already told him about it. Anyway, was that enough to tickle your fancy? No, you say? Lucky for you, he later made another post! not_a_creeper explains how he made the docks, ground floor, and building systems below:
So finished my dock and all other ground floor buildings and systems. I also am almost done on this boat, It has taken a ton of wood, around 1200 or so. also because the first version burnt down.
Then I finished building my underground railroad. well more underground. This was the orginal lava lake. but a ton of water turned it into about 10,000 obsidian
It connects to all major landmarks on the ground floor.
Most of my time is spent gathering resources, and my tree farm cant really keep up lately.

Also i cant play on anything other than peaceful right now =/
Due to the city acting as a mob spawner
about 6 creepers and three skeles outside my production building right now
Yeah this is everywhere.
ill start the floating islands tomorrow.

The best part is that he isn't done yet. Next up are his floating islands:
So i started on outlines of floating islands today,
well here is the main one.
So that will be decent size. is got a diameter of 60 blocks so ill be able to fit a pretty looking palace on it.
Also getting grass up there sucks, but ive completed a few more outlines but i need a ton of dirt.

Very nice. But 2 days later, he comes back saying he has the floating islands done:
well I hit a milestone today. I got the basics of the floating islands done, they look pretty good.
they will look better when they are grassy. they are solid dirt, It took a few thousand to make them and i still need to make them look more natural.
Also now i have suicidal animals jumping into the ground.
Now i just need to plan the floating level

Starting to look like to me that this is going ot be finished after all!

When asked about how all of this came to be he answered by saying:

Yeah sure, I figured i should do this sooner or later.
So i generated a new world, it was a little unusual, floating islands. random blocks in the sky, massive mountians and then flat areas. So i started playing like normal, then i was mining and discovered a massive chunk error, that basically took out a massive area of land underground. So i started expanding, i got it to 120 X120 X43. Then i decided to make a city. Now under the ground was a massive lava lake, so my original plan as a city on top of a lava lake. which i decided to scratch because of the fact that I would likely burn many parts of my city.
I decided on a 2 tier city, one small tier on the ground, which is now almost complete. And the rest of the city Floating in the air on floating islands.
Some of my current ideas
-with gardens
Farm and garden
Large palace
Floating ships, instead of sails will have Zeppelin balloons
What ever else comes to mind.

Ill likely start a blueprint tomorrow so I can have it accurately planned.

So there are the basics

I'm telling you right now. Minecraft makes people work for their projects.Weatherits layouts, blueprints, videos, or screenshots. It's all documented. Sooner

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