Meet Fort Zero; a really nice Fort.

Meet Fort Zero; a really nice Fort.

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There bad thing about Minecraft is that sometimes people start projects more then they can build. A great example is this, Fort Zero by DarkZeroZero. This map is so big, it's 12MB in size. That's a lot. And judging from the pictures below, you will believe me. But the reason as to why this great creation was left unfinished is a mystery. Many people leave projects because they get caught up in real life, school/college, work, or anything else. After all, Minecraft is a hobby. The only one getting paid here is Notch.

This map is so big and intense, that when I tried to get the front-page screenshot, I died -- twice. I fell into lava -- twice. First time I didn't even wait to die my inevitable demise, second time I just respawned. And I'm glad I did. The respawn has a few nice towers and EVEN has a Minecart track that will take you to the Mines of Fort Zero. Yeah, Fort Zero has some neat mines. Mines upon mine shafts that are very confusing. So after 5 minutes of wandering around the undeground, I decided to find a dirt spot and dig up. Luckily, I digged beneath water. If it was lava, instead, I would have been so pissed. But hey, kudos to the 33 Chilean miners trapped underground for 68 days (or more). Seriously. What did they do for that long. But I watched a few rescue -- truly heartwarming (especially the first one).

Ah, crap -- going off-topic. OK back on-topic. So this Fort Zero is large. Also, it has a lot of rooms, and they are nicely built. Not that one-block stairway crap. I'm glad Notch built staircases (like for-real actual ones) that serve their purpose. Now if only he could make toggable HUD. Anyways, the Fort Zero (I don't know why I keep saying 'Fort Hood'), has a lot of work put into it. Even the the creator has left it unfinished on some parts, it can still be played! Yes, the creator has left a save file (World 1) for you to dally with. It's awesome and I recomend anyone who wants to see another sun rise in Minecraft to download it and play it.

Fort Zero is a project I started in mid July. I used absolutely no hacks, no cheats, no editing software of any kind! Down below is a summary of each stage of the build, but the full amount of pictures are on later pages.

The Fort is complete on my end. I could add a million things to it below, around, on top, everything, but I will leave that up to you. You should be able to use this fort to help construct your own project, with enough food, stone, wood, cactus, reeds, tnt, storage and places to live. Consider this fort a template. The rooms should be filled to your liking, the outside can be changed, everything can be added to and changed! And I give everyone permission to host this on their server.


I want to thank everyone for the most part contributing nice, helpful and supportive comments. Some of you may be disappointed that I did not keep going, but at some point I had to stop. And now I can start on new projects that the community might like too.

Please feel free to post pictures of the additions you made and what you add to this map. I would love to see it!

Stage 1: Building Platform
Completed July 14th
More Pictures

Stage 2: 8 Walls, 8 Towers
Completed July 16th
More Pictures

Stage 3: Lava Moat
Completed July 20th
More Pictures

Stage 4: Main Castle
Completed July 28th
More Pictures 1, 2, 3, + 4

Stage 5: The Mob Factory
Completed August 14th
More Pictures 1, 2 + Schematic

Stage 6: The Greenhouse
Completed August 23rd
More Pictures 1

Stage 7: The Tree Towers
Completed August 27th
More Pictures 1

Stage 8: The Cobblestone Center
Completed September 9th
More Pictures 1

Scroll down or click the links for lots more pictures! I have continued to update fairly often. And once again, I am being completely legitimate with this project. All the support is very appreciated!

OK, that is a lot of pictures. But it should be enough to amaze you. Seriously, this is no doubt, one of the best forts I have seen. Hacked or not, it's impressive. Best part is something I'm going toreiterate, you can download the SAVE FILE and play it for yourself! You can download theSAVE FILE and play it for yourself!

Have fun.

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