Underground dome by hand? You bet.

Underground dome by hand? You bet.

Alright, so working underground can have some limitations. It's dark, dangerous, and confusing (if you get lost!) But Thor23 has managed to build an underground dome. Now, to those of you who think "Psh big deal." Well, he did it in Survival! Monsters dwell in the deepest darks of Minecraft -- especially caves. Either way, it still looks awesome.

He says:

I have, in an effort to create an environment which requires no need to travel to the surface, hollowed out an entire 48 voxel diameter sphere underground.

My initial idea was to make the top third a garden, where there would be trees, flowers and statues etc. and maybe a building or two for collecting supplies and/or crafting things. Beneath that would be divided up into levels, and than constructing rooms on those levels from the various lists of what to build in-game, because I can usually never think of anything outside of utility.

A few other ideas I had while carving it out include:
-a glass bottom observatory at the top
-multiple floating platforms/islands, w/ lakes, rivers and waterfalls
-a lake on the bottom several levels, grass surrounding it as far up the sphere as it would go, and building a house off one side

Even with an image, I don't think you can get a really good idea of just how big it is:

So for anyone who wants to play around with it: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XRN0MK6M

The majority of chests at the bottom are filled with cobblestone, as I figured I'd do something with them, like a pyramid or castle or the like. The other two are filled with my spoils of digging and fighting mobs. If you happen to die, the entrance is atop the mountain to your right, the one next to the floating island. There is a path up the mountain (directly behind you from spawn), the large set of stairs is the bottom, and it wraps around the side a little bit but otherwise it's pretty straight forward, just keep going up.

Comments, questions, and criticism are welcome.

When asked how long it took and if he really did it all by hand -- he's gives out accurate plausible answers:
It took about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks working probably about... 8 to 10 hours a day. Not every day, of course.

Yes, it was completely by hand. I must have gone through several hundred stone picks at least, mayhaps even more than a thousand. I could probably figure it out from all the stone I saved.

Now, I don't know exactly how it went down while mining, but I'm wondering it was probably something like this:

Thor23 is mining out dome...
Creeper: Ssssssss..
Thor23: No wait! I'm doing something incredible here!
Creeper: My patience is running thinssssss.... do tell.
Thor23: An underground dome! :D
Creeper: ... Really? I lurk around these caves all day trying to scare you people, and all we get is a dome!? That's it! Sssssss....
Thor23: *hits with Pickaxe*

Or something like that. At any rate, good job on pulling off! Now... to what the fill the dome with is the question.

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