27,640 TNT Explosion (and more)!

27,640 TNT Explosion (and more)!

Originally, I was going to post the 15,000 TNT explosion. Stennett decided to go exploring into his newly created world. Then he got an idea! Create a 25x25x25 hole. Fill it with TNT (that's 15,625 TNTs!) using a hacking tool, and watch the fireworks fly! Sadly, as assumed, a crashoccurred! Obviously, having over 15,000 objects going off at once (or at a near-intervalof seconds) is hard to pull off with regular (non-gaming PCs). Depressed that his plans didn't go smoothly, he plans on doing a new hole (5x5x625) either tomorrow (10/11/10) or Tuesday night.

So, what the hell can top this off by a large margin? Enter blackdragon's world of mayhem. He created a 30,000 kiloton TNT explosion. That's roughly 27,640 TNT blocks placed in a 30x30x30 hole. blackdragon writes

Gentlemen, last night, to beat Trinity I, Trinity III was detonated at a yield of 30.1kt, roughly 27,640 blocks were set off. A 30x30x30 block, 10 of which was undergound. with a 640 piece booster skirt.


Unfortunately, the server couldnt handle it and crashed soon after the initial explosion. Currently looking for a better place to host the files if thats possible, but I think I may have found the cap for TNT usage in single detonations

Little did you know, this wasn't his first test. Trinity II was a 15,000 TNT (barely losing to Stennett) explosion. blackdragon writes:
If that number sounds familiar, thats because that is the explosive yeild of the little boy bomb dropped on hiroshima. Using volume and weight calculations, I took the time to find out how much that would be in minecraftian TNT, the answer? roughly 15,000 blocks, arranged in a 25 by 25 by 25 cube. Once set off, the server died, all connected were DC'd in a flash of bright and incredible deadly internet light. Two hours later the server finished (by finished, we mean gave in and allowed enough resources to be used to let people log on), people emerged. Twenty minutes later the brick rendering finally finished. The result was devestating.


a view from the obsidian detonation bunker:

from the very lowest point, were roughly anywhere from 10 to 20 blocks from bedrock

At one of the lowest points in the trinity crater, a memorial was errected in rememberance of this fate filled day.


I do not know what weapons we will fight World War 3 with, but World War 4 will be fought with stone picks and creepers.

the view port of the obsidian bunker, take note, this WAS ground level on a totally flat plane:


So, blackdragon's explosion looked like a good run. Even upping the ante by 15,000 more TNTs is a bold move. The CPU and resources it takes upon explosion can cripple almost any server. You'd have to be a billionaire* to afford a good enough server that can do this. Either way, it looks like they were not alone in this TNT Blow-up Fest. A quick YouTube search of "Minecraft TNT Big Explosion" and the like came up with good results.Specifically this "TNT explosionApocalypse" video. It doesn't state how many TNTs were used, but I'll be damned if if it's up there with these two.

At the end of the day, a TNT explosion is a good way to waste the server resources and CPU. Mind you, competition will get fierce on the "who-can-create-the-biggest-explosion-EVER". Until then, we'll be waiting.

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