Huge Strip Mine in Progress

Huge Strip Mine in Progress

Minecraft is played for a lot of things. You can play it to kill monsters. You can play it to build (crappy) houses. You can even play it to wander from one end of the map to the other just to see what it looks like. But these guys I'm going to talk about take a really ironic approach. Gentlemen, I give you thee a strip-mine.

BonzTM and his mining buddies have been workingtirelesslyon their biggest project to date! He writes:

Day 1 of the Strip Mine.
Appropriately named "Destiny" (as both an obvious stripper name, and our largest hole to date)
(Full Size: ... stiny1.png)

Continue working men!
(Full Size: ... stiny2.png)

Damnit this is taking forever!
(Full Size: ... stiny3.png)

Not too far now
(Full Size: ... stiny4.png)

Our Home Valley. View from under the bridge.
(Full Size: ... alley1.png)


I can't wait to see the final thing. One thing's for sure, there better be a video. With the work this thing has, there isn't a way in hell he's giving the IP to server because than griefer will do what they do best: destroy. At any rate, good job gentlemen!

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