Machinima, Fan-art, and more.

Machinima, Fan-art, and more.

OK, you know you've made it big when people take the time out of their day to createparodiesof your work andfan-art. Here is a couple of it I found. While the impression is to leave you in awe, some of these will leave you laughing.

Minecraft Pals by JohnnyUtah

JohnnyUtah puts his Flash skills to the test and creates an inside look at how Minecraft adventures can go wrong with the wrong partner.

Watch Minecraft Pals now.

Minecraft Survival by Nathan Malone

This kid seriously has some digital talent. A look at what I'm about to show will most likely think he's professional. You can find his ramblings (about Minecraft, too!) here.

As the Sun rises over by dvan7

And I thought people couldn't get any more detailed. This guy has taken it to a whole new level. Click for full image or check this out:

And there's many more, I'm sure. Comics, videos, real-life -- what have you. Minecraft is truly a great game and Notch thanks you kindly for your art.

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