Multiplay's $1000 contest rigged?

Reddit's Minecraft community has been up-in-arms about the recent Multiplayer contest that has supposedly been rigged. The results have been released and people are very mad. Masses of hoards of angry people shaking their heads in adisappointing manner in this contest. The first place prize? 6 signed Mojang shirts from J!NX store and one-thousand USD. That's right, folks -- four digit prize money. What could possibly go wrong? [caption id="attachment_6252" align="aligncenter" width="491" caption="The entry that won... and beat everything out there."][/caption]

So the results were released and people saw the competition. It was good, however the ranking? Not so much. When people saw the first place they clamored in unison. This gave redditor_Toby_an investigation itch and he went to work.

Turns out the guy who won,Wahrheit, has been connected with Summa Crossroads (administrator on forums and server)invariousactivities with Multiplay. Evidently, he's been helping out with the competition such as finding rule-breakers, organizing, and doing "behind-the-scenes" things.

And it doesn't take an idiot to see the first place construction is not good. It looks like something someone would build with no direction. A simple tower, a house, a wooden rollercoaster. Here's what came in second:

[caption id="attachment_6257" align="aligncenter" width="491" caption="This, shockingly, got beat by 1st place."][/caption]

As you can see, the above creation is very good. Hell, even the 3rd and 4th were amazing. But the 1st place build is just not suitable. Not only do I know, but like I said, everyone else does. And interestingly (and commonly) enough, Multiplayer staff cannot enter their own contests. Shouldn't that guy get banned... if we arefollowing rules, right?

Anyway, the most interesting part was the judge. It was none other than the Director of Fun 'MinecraftChick'. She gained backlash for handling the microphone at MineCon 2011. How could someone so popular be duped into thinking the 1st place build beat... everything else? We're not sure. Most likely it was an influential vote. Nonetheless, a win is a win but adisappointingwin.

[caption id="attachment_6262" align="aligncenter" width="553" caption="Another build beaten by 1st place. This came in 4th."][/caption]

And we won't forget you, Multiplay, for pulling this. In fact, we knew who you were long before this stunt. Back in January 2011, Multiplay tried to partner with CraftHub for a business partnership. This was right after CraftHub was picking up steam. We declined. At least we played it safe, because we may have just dodged a bullet.

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