Popular Minecraft host 'Brohoster' is in shambles.

Popular Minecraft host 'Brohoster' is in shambles.

If you run a Minecraft server hosted by Brohoster, you may in trouble. The company has gone out of control spiralingout of Minecraft's Drama center. The best thing to do, right now, if you're a client is to backup your maps. Brohoster most likely will change dramatically in the next few days.

The drama started to unfold on Facepunch, where more of the hidden Minecrafters hang-out. It started with, yet another, a thread started byFoohyAB who complained about Brohoster's "excellent" service. Lambasting their poor ticket-handling and skewing their name. After the thread started, a few more clients started to come forth with their complains of Brohosters as well. All, in unison, complained in the lack of service, auto-payments, domain renewals, and poor care. And as of recently, the prices of Brohoster went up.

Then, not long, one of the staff members of Brohoster told FoohyAB that the original founder, JWJ, was gone. Not gonebut fired. Clients clamored in arms about JWJ's dismissal. But other staff members such as Matt stood their ground and told the clients that JWJ barely did any work. In short, he told them, he was a lazy member of the team who contributed nothing.

Not long, JWJ came bouncing into the topic with a shocking link. It seemed like Matt was going to sell the company, without JWJ's approval. The link JWJ posted linked to a topic posted by Matt selling the company for a starting bid of $350,000 and the instant-buy as $600,000. But before he tried to sell the company, the CEO of Brohoster, fired their own Founder. Then Brohoster fired their lead technician, Andrew, who seemed to be at the top of his game. With the founder and lead technician gone, the CEO had a green-light (in his own mind) to sell the company.

Sadly for JWJ, he was under 18 when Brohoster was created. Thus making contacts would not be possible and anything on-wards in business ventures would prove to be tricky waters. When worst came to worst, and it did, JWJ could legally not do anything. While JWJ had the domain BroHoster.com under his name, the CEO of Brohoster went after ICANN, the official company behind all of the domain names. The CEO filed a claim and successfully got the domain name 'brohoster.com' revoked from JWJ.

Many, after the drama spilled out on the forums in over twenty pages, sided with JWJ. It's clearly from the outcry of the once-thrilled customers who sided with Brohoster now fear for their servers now hanging in the deep, dark, anddespairinghands of the newly created staff of Brohoster.

But, at least the CEO of Brohoster had a small heart. Before they started the company, the CEO gave JWJ $5000 under the presumption of being business partners. Then, apparently, the CEO drove the hosting company into the ground, for about two weeks.

So, while this mess is spilling over the forums and IRC, I suggest any Brohoster clients to backup their servers before all hell breaks loose.

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