World Map constructed in Minecraft. UPDATED!

World Map constructed in Minecraft. UPDATED!

OK guys and gals, that's it -- shows over. Seriously.salexp and his friends have built the world map in Minecraft. By that, I mean a terrian view (not actually every building or road!) But seriously, this is impressive. Very impressive. Not to mention the world size is very big. In fact, it's so big that the compressed .zip file (coming soon!) is350MB. The uncompressed file size is 3.5GB.The map is21600x10800 in blocks andeach block is 1 sq nautical mile. Lastly, they didn't just built this map using dimensions and order. No, they programmed a program to do some fancy-schmancy stuff. salexp says:

We used the python imaging library to read the image, then built the world with pymclevel. We just used the integer color value and scaled it to fit.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="576" caption="A view of Central/South America"][/caption] The image he is talking about is the image they found on the NASA website. salexp states "NASA had a gray scale map of elevation. We took the color values (0-255) and divided by 3 to get the height above sea level." Isn't that just really fancy? Anyways, we'll update this article as soon as the download link is available. salexp says:

Full size cartograph (1 block = 1 sq nautical mile): ---My Dropbox ran out of bandwidth. If anyone knows a better place to host a 25MB image please let me know.-- The world is fully playable (includes ores, trees, etc). File upload coming soon. Elevation has been scaled to fit the constraints of a Minecraft world. Sea level was adjusted to 40 blocks which puts Mt. Everest at 121 blocks high. The Earth was generated with four images from NASA: landmass, satellite, elevation, and vegetation maps using a custom python script incorporating codewarrior’spymclevel python library. Edit: fuzion33 and mije0 are my roommates that also worked on it.

The download link is FINALLY HERE! salexp says:

SAVE FILE POSTED : After struggling with spawning problems we managed to get a save file that is working. You can spawn either in southern California or the middle of the Sahara.You must replace the level.dat in the 'earth' folder with one from the 'spawnPoints' folder otherwise you will start in the ocean and WILL NOT respawn.We will work as we can this weekend to add more spawn choices and get it working 100%. Feedback is appreciated. Enjoy! (Mirror) Edit3: I woke up to aserver,video, andwebsite, plus a few suggestions. I would like to set something up so we can make changes and release new versions. For now, class, but that will probably be our weekend project.  


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