We're not alone!

Since Notch added a few new mobs with theHalloween update, one of which being the Zombie-pig-men of the Nether, people have been looking for more NPCs. The Zombie pig men are passive until provoked and are the closest to settlers in Minecraft you can get. The latest mod coming to us from Mr. okushama is Humans and solves your need for more people inhabiting your Minecraft world. This mod introduces human mobs, friendly and enemy alike to the roster of Minecraft NPCs. A few of the mobs include:
Rogue Archer
This mob does what he says on the tin, using a bow and arrow as his weapon of choice the rogue archer attacks with a higher accuracy than his undeadskeletonbrothers.
...these formidable enemies can even shoot over walls! they drop 1-3 arrows on death...


- Ever wanted a friend? Well the settler is a friendly mob spawning on cobblestone and looking to be best of chums with you! Watch your back though, if things get nasty you may have to take your new best friend to the grave to steal his precious sticks! -

- This one is a creepy addition, similar to the folklore of Herobrine and the Him stories this mob spawns on dimly lit wood. Worst of all though is he doesn't attack but stand and stare at you. He doesn't fight back, so dispose of Him to reap the rewards of golden apples on drop. -
You can install the mod from over here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=103072 Will you be using the mod? Do you already do? Drop us a comment as to what you think. :)

Short url : http://crafthub.net/blog/UG/

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