How Mynecraft royally screwed many. Hard.

How Mynecraft royally screwed many. Hard.

Yep, we're all victims to Steve's hapless scam. I forgot to list one thing in this article, where Notch creates more than just Minecraft. He, along with Minecraft, created scammers. Scammers are people who, traditionally, offer a price for their services and you often getting the short-end of the stick. Steve from Mynecraft offered Minecraft hosting and has, since then, created a bigcolossalCreeper-of-a-mess.

[caption id="attachment_2403" align="alignnone" width="568" caption="This is how we all feel right now. Trapped in his big scheme?"][/caption]

A few days ago, Steve smoothed talked his scamming ways to iWhiskey; CraftHub's server administrator. He told me what he wanted to hear and we got a deal. We didn't pay $10, thank god, but our deal was they he'd give us the "top-notch" server for an article on CraftHub. Holy cow, we were wrong! After a few days of using the server provided by Steve, we started experiecing some problems and since then have lostvaluablereaders because of downtime. That's when iWhiskey and Lutcikaur (Head Server Admin) decided to talk to Steve about the problems. Only problem was, he was unreachable. So, then -- in turn --, made CraftHub look bad because of the article. Oh, it gets better folks (not really, it gets worse.) We weren't the only ones. I'd link you to all of the stories but there are too many.People, however, are getting really mad. The redditors of Minecraft and pretty much everyone else have been trying to get to the bottom of this.

So, what the hell happened? OK, so the gist of it is that Steve offered Minecraft hosting for as low as $10. Then once folks were set-up and happy, he'd be gone. Once people started having problems with their servers, they started to contact Steve. He was nowhere to be found. People started to revolt. They dug up his personal information, complained about lawsuits, and hardcoreinvestigated, among other things. Then, allegedly, someone sent a message to Steve's wife and got back a letter (more like an essay). TL;DR? Steve got arrested for "felony to appear" and his life is in turmoil. I'm sure everyone who got screwed by Steve is probably happy he is getting his payback. But let's be honest here folks, what if this was just one big mis understanding?

I don't think I'll give him some slack, though. I'm not going to pick a side but since I, too, was screwed by him. No not money, but by userbase, then I'm leaning to the "angry mob" side. First of all, if you can't afford to maintain your family, what the hell makes you qualified to maintain Minecraft servers? If this, however, is all true on his side. Then thank god and if you don't get your refunds within, I'll say, 1 month. You'll know he's a seriously big phony. We, as humans, shouldn't be quick to point fingers. But let's just take one deep breath and ask ourselves... "What did we learn?". 1.) Always read carefully what you buy. 2.) Don't go impulse buying and start investigating first.

So, in the end, Steve got his money and we got royally burned. We trusted Steve and now we get the boot. Although we may never know for sure what really happened to Steve... we'll remember Mynecraft in infamy. Along with the Minecraft Hall of Shame... right next to the Griefers. If you'd like, you can share your Mynecraft-horror stories and the like below.


A few weeks ago I posted an article about The Shaft Podcast. They're nice guys and all but some people feel angry. Mynecraft was announced at the start of their episodes and they grew each more every time. Just like us, The Shaft, too, was scammed. The Shaft didn't mean realize this scam before it was too late. Brent Copeland, one of the podcasters of The Shaft, released a statement saying:

THE SHAFT was shafted by steve for sure. I started thinking later that I wonder if he even had multiple servers like he claimed. I think the reason we were all having issues what that I bet he had like 1 server and was just telling people it had GBs of ram on it so he could charge more. I think his whole control panel bit was a way to get everyone using the same stuff and just post to a different map file.. because THAT'S when things started to get really screwy was with the map backups...

I'm sorry for ANYONE that heard our podcast and bought a server because they sponsored a show.

After everything I've read over the past week. I won't trust a single word he OR fitzy says. Stay away from these guys like the plague!

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