Brussels' Palace of Justice is back but better.

Brussels' Palace of Justice is back but better.

OK so I last blogged about the Palace of Justice, almost one month ago. And since then, it's had a lot of work done to it. I mean, this thing seriously astounds me! OK, so this thing got a giant face life and now it looks better than ever. Murps has updated what he calls Brusell's Palace of Justice. Seriously, if I had to make a list of top-5 favorite buildings, this woulddefinitelymake the cut, along with Fort Zero, andParliamentsby Saiko. Anyway, what the video-capture guy of this masterpiece says is statistics and who doesn't love 'em? Also, avideobelow. make sure to watch. Or you can go here and type "/museum projecthuge". Personally, I'd saw it for myself. It's huge.

[caption id="attachment_2238" align="alignnone" width="553" caption="A sneak peek never hurt anyone."][/caption]

ryanclarke11 says:

(Note: My apologies for the awful lagg, this project is so vast, my nvidia g330m just couldn't handle it whilst the recording was running,

Murps - Admin and "The Best" builder at Ocean Flatgrass Multiworld (and probably throughout ALL of Minecraft!) has finally finished his scale model of the Palace of Justice situated in Brussels, Belgium.

The Map itself (build-wise) has over 50 million blocks and an approximate total build time of 2 months!!

If you wish to see the building for Yourself, just pop on over to the Ocean Flatgrass Multiworld server and type "/museum projecthuge" (without quotes):

Ocean Flatgrass forums:

(DISCLAIMER: The video was created by me. I take no credit for this building whatsoever! Everything built in this video is the property of Murps and the Ocean Flatgrass server he resides on. I got full permission to create and upload this video from Murps himself.)

and here is the glorious video:

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