Minecraft Mod Encyclopedia Edition #2

You're browsingonline for some Minecraft Modifications, and soon you find what you have been searching for! However, as you look down at the large listings of threads and you notice that this will soon become very time consuming to look through. So that's where this biweekly article comes in.

Im going to attempt to keep you all informed with the newest mods that come out, reviews of some old ones you may have have missed, and even updates on ones you have already come to love. Sounds good doesn't? So to start off, lets take a look at some new mods that have appeared over at theMinecraftforum as of lately.

Newest Modifications

+ Floodgate by Risugami

For some time now i'v actually seen alot of sweet contraptions that use redstone as there main power source. Well, maybe its not always what you need at the time, like for making a large dam perhaps? Risugami, recently created another great mod to add to your repertoire. This one allows you to create a control gate which will disappear once activated by a redstone swtich. This could be used to create floodgates in a dam to let water or lava though, or even be used as a trapdoor for some quick hijinksagainst some friends.

+ Cave Stone byseronis

This mod changes smooth stone so that it uses alternate textures for the top and bottom, leaving the sides as default. The effect this has in game is that you can make it so when inside a completely stone cave the cave floor and cave ceiling can have unique appearance. Texture IDs used are slots 30 and 46 which is the next to last column, rows 2 and 3 in your terrain.png file inside minecraft.jar. I am not providing any artwork with this mod so if you dont edit your terrain.png then your smooth stone will have transparent tops/bottoms.

+ Decaying Leaves by desbones

Most of you may have noticed, but after the Boo update the decaying of leaves over time were removed from Minecraft. That meant that you had to manually cut all the leaves down so you could have a nice clean workplace. Desbones has made a mod that will enable this function again, and you can watch your trees' disappear like the old days.

+ Recall by zenithselenium

Ok we've all have been lost before in some mine underground, withno real direction back to where the mine began. Zen has come up with a unique way to fix this, and it even factors people who are into magic or rune crafting themes. First, you gain the ability to make inks. Once you've made some you can make a 'bindstone', which if you have a corresponding colored scroll you'll be able to teleport to that bindstone. I know its abit confusing, so it would be advice to read abit more about it in Zen's thread.

Recently Updated Modifications

All of these are updated for the 1.2.2 update, which was released on November 11th. Anything else may not be updated! Make sure though to keep your eyes peel on this update page, I will attempt to keep it update-to-date with the new versions that are coming out.

+ Minimap - Zan's Mod v0.8.1 byZaneris

+ Risugami's Mods ( All ) byRisugami

+ Pressure Plate Tracks, Boosters...etc Mod by Afforess

+ Stop Resizing UI by Assassians4hire;updated by Advize

+ Scroll The Sky by jack_in_the_dark;updated byAdvize

+ Worlds Plus v2.2, Better Food v1.1b by seronis

+ BiomeTerrain Mod v6.1 by Bucyruss

+ IWannaWin's Mods ( All ) by IWannaWin

+ BridgeBlock/Secret leverV3.5 by Sunrise_78

+ Modified ModLoader 1.21 by 303

+ Sammiches! by zenithselenium

Modification Feature

Minecraft Advanced WIP by kingbdogz

Yes, this isn't actually out yet but don't leave just yet. The two main themes for these new addons' are that their will ALOT more usages for obsidian and a new craftable item; Dragon scales.

Dragon Scales are extremely rare items which can only be found when looting a Dungeon Chest. Each Dungeon Chest has a 2/5 chance to contain 1 Dragon Scale. Dragon Scales can be used to craft Dragon Ingots.

Personally I think the dragon armor and weapons looks like it came right out of Runescape, but hey they still look pretty damn sweet! There's not really TO much to talk about at this time, however be sure tokeep tabs on his thread. This is by far one of the more interesting mods that are coming out.

Thanks for reading this edition of the Minecraft Mod Encyclopedia! To help make this better in the future for you all, im always open to suggestions or questions regarding the encyclopedia in the comments area below. Remember i’m still only one guy, so feedback would be appreciated!

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