Dwarven Chasm Fortress is actually pretty neat.

Dwarven Chasm Fortress is actually pretty neat.

It's rare you see creations onto of grass instead of being all rocky, but this guy takes the cake. rosedragon is creating a dwarven chasm fortress of the game Dwarf Fortress. I mean, things like these could end up becoming cities. These types of builds are what I like the most. Sure, you can build an amazing structure where there is grass and light. But creations like these bring their own atmosphere to Minecraft. It's like living in cities only you forget you're in Minecraft. I, for one, can't wait to see the finished product. It's going to be awesome, no doubt.

rosedragon says:

At last I got construction of my dwarven chasm fortress going :3 .. I delete the previous OMEN generated chasm and decides to do the explosive way: I lay down a lot of explosives on a crater, then shot them with explosive arrow. After that I clean a bit with explosive arrows and make the fortress based on the chasm cliffs and such.

here is the view from the top.

I probably going to expand this part to be minecart station.
[image missing]

Some sort of waterfall.

Some of the settlements.


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