Mines of the Living Dead now playable!

Mines of the Living Dead now playable!

Being the L4D fan I am, I just thought this was awesome. A couple weeks ago, we saw a sneek peak at the Left 4 Dead's Minecraft creation made by Miclee (Michael Louisseize), and today he sent us a nice peak at his latest update and the playable map!We gotta say, it's pretty awesome. If you're a L4D fan and a Minecraft fan, you're going to be in a for a real treat. You can test this and see for yourself or watch the video below. Personally, I'd try it out for myself, but that's up to you! If you don't have L4D2, then watch below!

Miclee says:

Latest download can be found at: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?fi...

Based on Minecraft!

and here's the video:

Short url : http://crafthub.net/blog/SB/

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