Get lost in the the world's largest Pyramid.

Get lost in the the world's largest Pyramid.

OK, the folks over at the reddit server have been working hard on a project I call "Pyramid" . It's like taking Minecraft to the more accurate and darkest level. Not mention all the hard hours that's been put into this! I mean, seriously, all of this hard work for a big, and I mean big, pyramid. I don't think I've ever seen such a big pyramid. Don't get me wrong, I've seen big things. But to the scale and massive size of this, and to top it all off... explorable! Then no, but the best part is you can join in on the fun! Go to Multiplayer and type the IP '' to get started! I'm sure if you ask nicely, you can be teleported to their Pyramid.

At first glance, you may not think much of this Pyramid.But then... once you get in, you'll see.

This is just one side of the Pyramid. You can see them working hard in the top of the picture.

Here is the other side of the Pyramid. Mining hard for gold, I see.

Here is the inside of the golden-bordered hole within the Pyramid. Nice to see some sections!

Going down the ladder, you'll see a hole near it. It's located in the middle of the picture, if you can't see it. I wonder where it goes?

Upon going down the hole, you'll end up here! Another layer of Miners working hard!

If you keep going and take a left, you'll see this passage. Wow, it goes on forever, huh? Oh, wait, I think I see an opening to the left of this...

Wow! Another big space that has been mined by those reddit Miners! Dang.

You can see giant monuments and more like this on reddit's server at Go in, and type '/listwarps' and have fun!

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