Battle of the Isengards

Battle of the Isengards

A few days ago I was browsing Minecraft's reddit and I saw this post. My first reaction was, oh sweet another Lord of the Rings monument. But for the past 3 days, I just saw the battle of Isengard. No, not a battle that literally took place in Minecraft, but 3 people building their Isengard. Then they all duked out on reddit, I guess. I just have to show you this. Being the Lord of the Rings fan I am, I would feel foolish if I didn't. Read below, and you'll know what I mean.

alexinslc build his version of Barad-dur, the Dark Tower of Mordor. But it look damn close to Isengard, so I'm stilling showing you it.

Not, bad... huh? I mean, it looks alright.

4 days later after the first Isengard, on November 2, WeenieTodd decided to 1-up alexinslc by creating his version of Isengard.

I gotta say, this looks better than the last. So, it's a successful 1-up!

Then, themother-load, caliform decided to 1-up both at the same time and simply posted this:

and it looks like he won! Seriously, that image looks awesome. If only it had lava oozing out. Then it'd be more awesome.

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