Brodrassil; World Tree. It's awesome.

Brodrassil; World Tree. It's awesome.

OK, looks like a tree has finally been inducted into "cool things to build". But, this is not any tree. It's a recreation of Teldrassil tree from World of Warcraft.sageerrant from has now created Brodrassil. This was aptly named from the server he built it on; Brohalla Server. I mean, good thing flint and steel are hard to come by, naturally, in Survival. Or else, this would be doomed! Also, fire needs to stay away. But everything else is welcome here. Even you! When you somehow manage your way onto the Brohalla Server. Anyway, good job sageerrant, just don't burn this down! Unless you have a copy of the map saved, of course!

Here's a little sneak peak:

View the 5-page album of Brodrassil!

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