The Cliffside Base is amazing.

The Cliffside Base is amazing.

Alright, this guy's creation might just be the most creative and intututive I've ever seen. Seriously, this guy just oozes withingenuity. Everyone, meet BlueMikeSpecial. He's created a base on the cliffside, complete with bedroom, deck, forest, grotto, mining station, and a damn. Holy crap. This guy is an ingenious builder. If I wanted to hire someone on my building team, my first pick would be this guy. I mean, from after watching the video, you'll surely agree with me. He puts to use some blocks in a creative way, that I would have never thought. I won't spoil it for you, but other than to say "Enjoy". But you'll be enjoying this video and the next. Oh, yeah, he's made two videos concering this amazing build. [caption id="attachment_872" align="alignnone" width="553" caption="Part of the Cliffside base."][/caption] BlueMikeSpecial says on his first video:
You can see where the other track goes now. The dam is finished as are two artificial lakes that I had to dig out. I'm not thrilled with how the tower or the bridge look, but they're not bad for first tries. The base so far has a big open library with a reading room. There's more stuff up inside the cliffs, but it's not finished. Thanks to minecraftaddict for showing me how to get the double doors to work right - Texture pack for those asking is Minecart setup is based on
Pretty sweet stuff, so far, yes? Well, here is the second awesome video.

I didn't mine the obsidian for the master bedroom. I filled the floor with lava and then dumped water on it. It's so much faster. I'm really happy with the way that whole section looks, especially the deck.

I show probably 1% of the mine/cavern at the end of the video. I've pulled over 100 diamonds and easily 1000 iron out of there so far and there's still a few places I haven't explored. Since I know the question is going to be asked, yes I spent 1 billion hours doing this. Actually, I've been sick and haven't been able to go out so I've been playing a lot the last 3 days (probably 7-8 hours a day in between napping and sneezing). This is my 3rd try uploading this since youtube keeps killing the audio. This track is from so if it gets nixed I can be sure that youtube is just doing it to spite me. There's zero copyright issue. If you want to watch it the way I had it originally, mute the audio and throw on Rain Song by Zeppelin. It's a perfect minecraft song.
Pretty cool, huh? I just figure this guy deserved some recognition. Sure, it's not some mega object, but things like these are pretty awesome in my book.

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