Back when Vanilla servers were a majority

Back when Vanilla servers were a majority

Remember back to the days were most servers were left untouched? Back when you would spawn in a Spawn Jail? The burning desire to get out of that Jail and get ready to build. I remember the long and hard battle between Operators and Greifers. Now, it's not so much of a battle anymore. Most servers you enter are highly modified thanks to people's programming skills. Most servers have many ranks and leadership roles. Most servers can undo a person's actions with a swift command. Most servers are not vanilla.Even way before Minecraft became popular, I always liked the "original" one the best, but I still like some of the modified servers. Sure, griefers were a pain, but that was part of the game! You could enter a new world, get out of the jail (if there was one), and start building with your friends! Now, we have portals, ranks, commands, new features, and more!

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With more of the community becoming aware of how to mod Minecraft servers, it's only a matter of time before Notch released the Minecraft API; like he said he would. But it's part of life, so it wasn't too much of a surprise. People want to program with their favorite games. I know I sure would, but that never really started for me in the first place. At the end of the day, Minecraft servers are highly modified and they will keep continued to be modified. But I don't mind it. I prefer to play with the vanilla software to bring back thatnostalgicfeeling. But change is good, for bad or worse - it's what drives development. The cool thing about modified servers is to see what people do with them. How they expand with their unique and creative twists makes it worthwhile. For example, my favorite so far has been the RPG/PVP server by Oslarathos. And every day, new people will emerge. Every day, new people will want to learn how to modify the Minecraft servers. before you know, we'll have tons of different servers for Minecraft. It will just be a matter of picking your favorite.

What is your opinion on modded Minecraft servers?

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