New Record: 28,000 TNTs exploded.

New Record: 28,000 TNTs exploded.

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Well damn, I thought this wouldn't get any higher. Butapparentlysome folks over at World of Minecraft have successfully detonated 28,000 TNTs. Madgvox and his friends are the holder of this feat. By feat I mean, successfully recorded. For all we know someone could have detonated 30,000 TNTs. But, like everything, you need proof!

Madgvox says:

Me and a few friends decided to break a record, so we made big boomz on
my friend's private server. As far as I've seen, the biggest one was 10,000 TNT

Yeah, 28,800 TNT total. We built it by hand, and
it crashed the server. It took around 4 or 5 hours to do total, and the
explosion took around 2 hours to render.

If you're wondering why
"Player" detonated it, it was so that no one saw the particle effect of
the explosion, so no one would lag that badly.

The explosion totaled 1.5 kilotons if my math is right, although Minecraft physics aren't very realistic.

Tablecloth- Pit digger, Builder, Server owner
Moonlaugh (Me)- Pit digger, Builder, Video editor
Katananana- Cameraman
Taterlord- Builder, Comedic relief
Macrinus- Builder who left halfway through
Player (also Tablecloth)- Detonator

and here is the video:

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