A really cool DAILY Minecraft comic.

A really cool DAILY Minecraft comic.

Alright, ever since Minecraft has provided comic-makers the ease of creating comics, there having been many. I think I have just found my favorite one yet! Seriously, this guy takes this really seriously. He makes the pagination using Diamond Pickaxes (really creative!), and best of all... it's updated daily! That's awesome. I love web comics (hello Cyanide and Happiness!), and a website like this really deserves a shout-out! Forsinain42 is the mastermind behind these clever comics he calls Nerd3.

Here's the first comic to give you a taste:

He explains:

Update after original post!

Hi minecraft guys and girls.

I've created a Minecraft based webcomic that I'm thinking of doing on its own dedicated site. I would really appreciate feedback. I am planning to create a webcomic that follows the survival of one character and his challenges he faces. He is a nerd at heart but has woken up inside the minecraft universe with no idea how he got there or what was before. Plot is the key focus, there will be other characters, quests and villains. Hopefully it should appeal to non minecraft players as a good adventure webcomic. (If there are any people without the game. Right now its 23594 buys in the last 24h!) It's called Nerd³ and you can probably guess why!

(Note: To keep the lovely indie feel I'm only using paint to make this and the only thing I change is the removal of player name. I shoot it in SMP with one of my accounts as the camera and the other as the guy!)

So, without wasting anymore time. Visit the site here! Read all the comics, come back tomorrow! It's about Minecraft and it's comic! What's not to like?

Short url : http://crafthub.net/blog/PF/

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