First Minecraft fansite to hit 100,000 members.

First Minecraft fansite to hit 100,000 members.

As of right now, World of Minecraft has 99,875 members. With Minecraft's userbase at 1.4 million, World of Minecraft has a lot to be happy about. They have over 14% of Minecraft's userbase. I don't know about you, but I'd be throwing a party. World of Minecraft sprung up as the first site to offer clients which let you change the way you play Minecraft. Back in 2009 when Minecraft was starting out, all you could do is play in it's pure form. People longed for changed. Minecraft's huge worlds provided minutes, if not hours, of trekking on foot. So when the idea of modding a client came to light, World of Minecraft jumped at the chance. A year and a half later, we're here to see them become the first Minecraft fansite to hit 100,000 members.

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So, the only guy at CraftHub, me (Guard), will proudly say an early congratulations. Owning 14% of Minecraft's userbase is a difficult task but World of Minecraft pulled it. The operators are nice, friendly, and helpful. Their community is bustling with activity. There are over 100 members active on that site over any given time. I'm sure that as Minecraft progresses, World of Minecraft will be the one-stop-shop for client mods. Anyone with desires to run faster, fly farther, and play easier on Minecraft, has most likely heard of this site. But, that's just not what they're there for. All I know, World of Minecraft is going places.

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